Columbia River Treaty

ACT has done significant work on the implications of climate change for the future of the Columbia River Treaty. Read below for information on all of our publications, projects, and other work related to the Treaty:


ACT on Columbia River Treaty Panel 
February 2017
ACT’s Executive Director Deb Harford and Senior Advisor and water expert Bob Sandford were panelists at an event on February 16, 2017, focusing on the imperative to renegotiate the Treaty while considering emerging challenges pertaining to ecosystem impacts, sustainability of fish habitats, and changing climate and hydrological patterns.


Masters Thesis: Valuing ecosystem services in the Columbia River Treaty
April 2016
Anthony Cotter, past researcher with ACT, completed his Masters of Public Policy thesis on the application of ecosystem services valuation in the Columbia River basin.



Workshop: The Columbia River Treaty, Past Present and Future 
October 2015
In October 2015, ACT in partnership with the Canadian Water Resources Association hosted a one-day workshop on the Columbia River Treaty. ACT also published a report documenting the outcomes of this workshop.



ACT Report: Valuing Ecosystem Services in the Columbia River Basin 
September 2015
ACT published a comprehensive report exploring estimated values of ecosystem goods and services in the Columbia River Basin.




CFAX Interview with Deb Harford
November 2014
Deborah Harford, executive director of ACT, discussed the upcoming opportunity to renegotiate the Columbia River Treaty in 2024 — one of the largest international trans-boundary water treaties in the world — coupled with a changing climate.



ACT Book: The Columbia River Treaty – A Primer
November 2014
ACT’s first book, published in November 2014, is a vital work that clearly explains the nature of this complex water agreement between Canada and the United States and how its impending update will impact communities, landscapes, industry and water supplies between the two countries for many years to come.




Masters Thesis: A Border Runs Through It: Exploring Transboundary Institutional Support for Environmental Flows for Ecosystem Function in the Columbia River Basin
March 2014
Melissa Kruger, past ACT researcher, completed her Masters of Public Policy thesis on the Columbia River Treaty, exploring the role of institutional cooperation between the United States and Canada in supporting flow regimes that sustain the health and function of the ecosystem.


Other Resources on the Columbia River Treaty:

Greening the Columbia River Treaty: Alternative Approaches
July 2015
This paper explores options for transboundary initiatives in the Columbia River Basin. First, it presents key background information to the Columbia River Treaty, relevant transboundary governance principles, and existing work in this field. Next, it explores the institutional structure of a Columbia River Basin transboundary governance body. Finally, it touches upon the potential for informal Track II diplomatic initiatives in the Columbia River Basin.