ICLEI Canada’s Adaptation Changemakers Project

After two years of building adaptive capacity across Canada, ICLEI has concluded its Adaptation Changemakers Project.  ACT has been proud to partner with ICLEI to support this initiative–in fact, our LCR Interventions report was produced as a resource for the project.

Through this project, ICLEI worked with eight municipalities, building their capacity to understand local climate risks and plan for adaptation across economic, social, built and natural systems.  With guidance from ICLEI staff and Regional Experts, the participating communities have made massive strides in advancing their resilience.

To learn more about the Adaptation Changemakers Project’s outcomes, learnings and processes, check out ICLEI’s project summary report.

Congratulations to ICLEI on this fantastic project. The team at ACT looks forward to continuing to collaborate on future initiatives!


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